food truck 'FAQ':

Q.  How do I design and build a food truck?
A.  Philly Connection Food Trucks team of engineers has developed a unique food truck. Our approved manufacturer will build your food truck to our proprietary specifications. An entire operating kitchen is strategically designed to operate efficiently starting at your first food truck event.

Q.  Where do I park my truck when not in use?
A.  Your Food Truck most often can be parked in a secure space next to your base of operation.

Q.  Do I need a special driver’s license to drive my truck?
A.  Only a regular automobile driver’s license is required in the states we are currently operating in.

Q.  How many employees do I need during operation?
A.  Two employees can handle most events. At special occasions it may be necessary to have a third employee.

Q.  How do I find places or events to sell my products?
A.  Our marketing department will train you how to seek out the events and festivals in your area as well as how to book corporate catering opportunities for breakfast lunch and dinner. As a Philly Connection Food Truck Franchisee we can advise you of other events and festivals that our trucks are requested to attend, outside of a local area.

Q.  Are there fees to enter the events?
A.  Larger festivals and events generally charge a fee to attend. Because of the volume that is usually generated from these events, most food truck owners find the fee to be nominal and part of the cost of doing business.

Q.  Do I need to operate 7 days a week?
A.  The advantage of owning a Philly Connection Food Truck is that you determine the amount of time you want to put into operating your business. Unlike a traditional business where you are dictated by a lease for a retail location (with most likely higher overhead costs) your food truck business allows you to operate with flexible hours. If you want to work just a lunch event and play golf in the afternoon or want to be at your child’s ball game, you can with your Philly Connection Food Truck business.

Q.  What is the cost of a completed Food Truck?
A.  A Philly Connection Food Truck can range from $80,000 to $88,000.

Q.  Can I finance my Food Truck?
A.  Optional Financing Resources are available.

Q.  Am I limited in territory where I can sell my products?
A.  Because the Food Truck business is a very mobile business, Philly Connection Food Trucks does not want to limit your availability to multiple locations of events and festivals. Since we allow our franchisees to move from the north and south during season changes, you are not limited to a territory. We do reserve the right of an existing Philly Connection Food Truck Franchisee to have 1st right of refusal from a previous event it has attended.

Q.  What training will I receive as part of the franchise process?
A.  While your Proprietary Food Truck is being built by our manufacturer, you will be trained in classroom and in a Philly Connection restaurant for cooking skills and then on your Food Truck when it is completed.

Q.  What sort of ongoing support and guidance will I have as a Franchisee?
A.  Philly Connection Food Trucks management team provides you with continuous marketing support, progressive design in our products & buying power. We have long standing relationships with major distribution companies allowing you to make a smooth transition through your start up. Our social media team will assist you as you learn how to communicate with your customer base.

Q.  Why would I buy a Philly Connection Food Truck franchise instead of opening my own food truck?
A.  Owning a Food Truck business can be a fun and lucrative business. We assist our franchisees through every phase that is necessary for them to be in business. From the building of a truck with the correct health department compliant equipment, to the efficient operation work flow, to event planning and distribution, we take all the “guess-work” out of how to enter and be effective and highly competitive in the ever growing Food Truck evolution.

Q.  Why a food truck as opposed to a traditional restaurant business?
A.  Flexibility and short term contracts usually are not options in a traditional restaurant. Other advantages of owning a Food Truck include low overhead, low number of employees and the number of different locations to operate. Want to spend time with your family on your schedule? Or play a round of golf in the middle of the day? How about moving your operation to the south for the winter. The Philly Connection Food Truck System may be the right fit for you!

Owning a franchise | the 'mobile advantage'

Over the past 30 years, Philly Connection® has perfected a system for franchisees to be successful with brick and mortar locations throughout the southeast. With advancement in the food truck industry, we make it possible to enter the restaurant industry at a substantial cost reduction, allowing many more entrepreneurial spirited individuals to enter the market with us.

How many times have we heard, "The three most important things for a new business are location, location, location?" How about “experience, flexibility, and support” that helps take the edge off the most labored decisions like traffic patterns and growth patterns, and long term agreements.

With a Philly Connection Food Truck, you can be flexible with your area as well as times of days and weeks to operate. Or how about operating in the summer months up north and then moving your operation to the south for the winter? The opportunities are limitless!

Our team will set you on the road to success in the Food Truck Industry. Our proven track record, combined with your dream to be in business for yourself will take you to a whole new level. The concept is simple; having manufactured a proprietary streamlined food truck operation that manages to fit an entire operating kitchen into a mobile food truck business allows food truck franchisees to operate without complexity.

Through technology, skilled design, and a keen understanding for the food truck business, our team of engineers developed and built a unique proprietary food truck. Add that to the Philly Connection® proprietary blend of ingredients...there is nothing in the market that competes with Philly Connection Food Trucks!

focus on marketing and business development

Emphasis is placed on marketing, business development, and understanding how to find ideal locations and optimal scheduling for food truck operations. The food quality is par none and the overall concept has no peers in the food service industry.

The Philly Connection Food Trucks team has extensive experience in product development, financing, market analysis, and restaurant operations- along with expertise in distribution and warehousing. Top all that with expertise in marketing, social media, multi-unit sales, and operations.

We provide hand's on in-depth training on how to run your business! Philly Connection Food Trucks also provides continuous marketing support, progressive design in our products, & buying power like no one else.

a unique opportunity

Demand for outside-the-home, quality food and beverage is strong. As people's lives continue staying busy, there is a market for convenient, quality food choices, while on the go.

Here’s what critics are saying: “The average American buys food from a restaurant almost six times a week. That's a whopping 48 percent of our food budget, according to The National Restaurant Association.” “The average consumer is spending 5.4% of their paycheck outside of the home on restaurants and convenience food."

Demand for mobile food service is's time to get your truck rolling and immerse yourself in the markets demands.

typical venue for a food truck

  • Office Parks
  • Special Events
  • Sporting Events
  • Tailgating Parties
  • Community-sponsored Events
  • Church-sponsored Events
  • Strategic Partners
  • Food Truck Festivals and Events

  • let's get rolling!

    Philly Connection Food Trucks turnkey system makes it easy to get started. You'll be comforted knowing we help you through all the ground work necessary to get started in your local area. Everything from approved truck building, to training, to assisting with all permitting requirements and even getting your first events scheduled!

    Whether a young enthusiastic entrepreneur ready to build a dream, a downsized professional, or a couple ready to live a dream, put your energy and experience on the road to success. Our franchise team will provide a food truck system to realize your loftiest financial plans. Be the 1st to own and operate a very profitable food truck business in your local area, or travel around...the sky is the limit!

    The Food Truck Industry is growing in leaps and bounds! Be part of it as a Philly Connection Food Truck Franchisee!